Muse Industry Management looks to take your brand to the next level.

The Muse Industry team takes care of their clients, searching for a complete externalization of its brands, from the art direction of the company through the advertorial campaign production, website design or visual merchandising management, to the internationalization of our brands with our broker´s department.

All the above is possible because we are deeply committed to the product of our clients, so much so that we treat our client´s brands as our own brands.

Creativity, Tendency and Elegance are our most important notions to work. Managing productions held by the best professionals that stand for each detail of each project, getting them to its most perfectionist level.

Our services:

  • Photographers management
  • Advertising campaign, look book and editorial productions
  • Creative direction
  • Web and apps design and launch
  • Visual merchandising advisory
  • Brand brokers